Well, that's a tough question to answer since Todd Foster was probably a lot like someone you know or maybe he was a lot like you.
Have you ever experienced epic failures due to your own actions or your lack of taking any action? Todd  was  an expert.

Have you ever found yourself working around the clock because you're wasting time on the wrong things to grow your business and all you're really doing is wasting money? Todd was the poster child and his bank account was overdrawn and empty.

Have you ever woke up after dreaming about a thriving business and you quickly realizing that you're actually living in a real nightmare? Todd's business was a massive nightmare and his quality of life wasn't much better.



Todd has experienced countless ups and downs in business and in life. The experience gained, from both the wins and losses, has evolved Todd into the person that he is today.
Todd's primary mission is providing holistic coaching, training and consulting to all industries composed of personal, business and financial coaching models. Todd is an international coach, consultant, trainer and keynote speaker.
Todd's had the honor of coaching, consulting, training and speaking to thousands of people around the world. Todd is also a co-host of the GAIN THE PASSION Podcast that brings listeners the best and brightest thought leaders & experts every week.
In his down time, Todd and his family enjoy boating, traveling and spending quality time together creating lots of memories. He also lives and breathes anything and everything to do with The Ohio State University and is an avid fan of the Buckeyes